Unlocking Potential: Transforming Your Workforce for Innovation and Change


In today’s fast-paced corporate world, the key to achieving transformational, change, and innovation goals lies not in acquiring new talent but in unlocking the potential of your existing workforce.

Saby’s signature speech, “Unlocking Potential: Transforming Your Workforce for Innovation and Change,” dives deep into the heart of organisational growth through behavioural change. Drawing from his extensive experience in the banking sector and expertise in behavioural change, Saby reveals how subtle shifts in mindset and behaviour can lead to significant leaps in innovation and adaptability.

This presentation is packed with real-life examples, actionable strategies, and insights into the psychology of change, offering a roadmap for organisations to navigate the complexities of transformation with the team they already have.

Sabyasachi Sengupta Keynote Speaker Change Innovation Transformation

Who Needs This Speech:

This speech is a must-hear for CEOs, HR professionals, team leaders, and change managers across all sectors who are facing the challenges of driving change and innovation within their organisations. It’s particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance their team’s resilience, adaptability, and creativity without the need for extensive restructuring or new hires.


Audience members will leave with a clear understanding of:

  • The critical role of behavioural change in achieving organisational goals.
  • Practical strategies for initiating and sustaining behavioural change within teams.
  • How to leverage existing talents and strengths to foster a culture of innovation and change.
  • Techniques for overcoming resistance to change and transforming it into a driving force for growth.
  • The blueprint for building a resilient, adaptable, and innovative workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Join Saby’s signature speech, “How to Unlock Potential: Leveraging the Psychology of Change to Transform Your Existing Workforce into a Powerhouse of Innovation and Growth.

This provides an opportunity for the CEOs, HR professionals, team leaders, and change managers across the industries to learn how to initiate and sustain change in behavior with teams by building a workforce that is resilient and has mastered change.


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