What’s your plan b?

Are you ready today to take on unforeseen turbulence at your current job? Have you ever wondered how you would react in the face of adversity in your career? What will happen if your company suddenly decides to wrap it up, or you get a pink slip and lose your job? What if your artificial intelligence makes your job redundant overnight?

We live in a time, where any adversity may be just around the corner and we cannot avoid it. What can we do to best prepare for the adversity if it decides to knock on our door? What we can do is to have a Plan B. A Plan B tailor-made to your skills, talents, and situation. In my talk, I will share my idea on why we need a plan B and how to choose and make your Plan B.



Sabyasachi known as Saby is a reputed TEDX and keynote speaker in the Netherlands and Europe. He
has bagged several public speaking awards at Toastmasters European and Dutch contests, Saby helps guide executives, corporates, and students shape their stories and presentations. He signature keynote speeches on Adversity Management and Networking have always struck the right chord with the audience. He makes sure his audience is entertained, enlightenment and empowered with a to-do. As a speaker, he will give you reasons to laugh, thoughts to ponder and key message to take home. Besides being a keynote speaker, Saby is also a Business Advisor for a leading Dutch bank and have been working in the banking sector for over 10 years.



This is the timeline of my journey.

2014 am
Winning the 1st prize in the Humorous Speech competition in Netherlands
2014 am
Winning the 2nd prize in the European Toastmasters championship
2015 pm
Winning the 1st prize in Speech Evaluation at European Toastmasters championship
2016 pm
The Launch of “Speak like everyone is listening”
2017 pm
A New Stage: TEDx - Art of Networking
2018 am
The World of Vlogging - Method in Madness


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