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Sabyasachi Sengupta is one of the reputed TEDx and keynote speakers in Europe, especially the Netherlands. He began his speaking journey in 2015 when he won the European championship in public speaking at the Toastmasters speech evaluation contest.

Saby, as he is popularly known, has delivered several keynotes and workshops at various events and is renowned for his speeches in Belgium, France, Serbia, India, Lithuania, and several other countries. His signature keynote speeches on adversity management and networking struck a chord with the audience and have managed to stay with them long after the event.

Saby mesmerizes his audience with three Es, entertainment, enlightenment, and empowerment with a to-do. As a speaker, he will make you laugh, raise thoughts to ponder, and sink in key messages to take home. Along with being a keynote speaker, Saby is also a Business developer for a leading Dutch bank and has been working in the banking sector for over 11 years. With a thriving to do more and present his audience with a go-to guide, Saby is currently working on his first book, “What’s your plan B.”

Story and Sell

Interested to learn some new tricks

This course is not like a sales pitch. This is designed for consultants and entrepreneurs who are not just about selling a product or service for one time but building a long term relationship with their client. This course focuses on building and cementing that relationship. 

In this course, you will learn 

How to sell without being a salesman
How to build long term relationships with clients
How to stimulate your client to make a faster decision
How to make your story memorable
How to structure the various components of a story

Click on the link below and enrol now. 


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This is the timeline of my journey.

2021 am
What Next?

This was my 1st speech at my own company. Sharing thoughts and ideas from my book "What's your Plan B?" how to find the next step in one's career.

2021 am
Opportunities to Turn Around

My bespoke talk on how to handle uncertain change and crisis in your team and organisation. Best part was to see the participants able to recognise what goes wrong in their organisation and how they can improve.

2021 am
Innovation in Internal Communication

How the communication world will look post the Covid-19 era? A candid chat with the Head of Internal communication at Facebook. We both unanimously stressed on empathy as a key ingredients to a successful communication.

2021 am
Change Management Summit

An interactive panel discussion with change managers and understanding where will the next disruption be coming from.

2021 am
Business Pitch Workshop
University of Amsterdam

3 hours of an interactive workshop with MBA students from UvA on how to make the perfect business pitch.

2020 pm
Opportunities to Turnaround
Capgemini - Malaysia

An early morning talk with the leaders from CapGemini Malaysia on how they can turn around any failures or roadblock.

2020 pm
Life is a Party
London, UK

Inspiring talk at the online graduation ceremony of students at the University of Amsterdam in Business and Economics.

2020 pm
Win Back-20
Vilnius, Lithuania

A talk for senior members of the Government of Lithuania office on how to face the unprecedented disruption because of the lockdown and make a turnaround

2020 am
Mindset to Change
London, UK

A powerful talk on how to be ready for change and disruption in your sector by using stories from the book “What’s your Plan B” at the Sofa event.

2019 am
"What's your Plan B"
Zurich- Switzerland

Keynote speech at the Socials at Zurich about the upcoming book on Plan B.

2020 am
You need a Plan B
Prague- Czech Republic

Just before the lockdowns, last in-person keynote speech in Prague telling a room full of people the need to have a Plan B

2020 am
Skills for Future
Mumbai- India

A keynote speech at PMI India sharing the skills that will remain relevant and why we need to reskill every time to stay employable.



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