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Sabyasachi Sengupta is one of the reputed TEDx and keynote speakers in Europe, especially the Netherlands. He began his speaking journey in 2015 when he won the European championship in public speaking at the Toastmasters speech evaluation contest.

Saby, as he is popularly known, has delivered several keynotes and workshops at various events and is renowned for his speeches in Belgium, France, Serbia, India, Lithuania, and several other countries. His signature keynote speeches on adversity management and networking struck a chord with the audience and have managed to stay with them long after the event.

Saby mesmerizes his audience with three Es, entertainment, enlightenment, and empowerment with a to-do. As a speaker, he will make you laugh, raise thoughts to ponder, and sink in key messages to take home. Along with being a keynote speaker, Saby is also a Business developer for a leading Dutch bank and has been working in the banking sector for over 11 years. With a thriving to do more and present his audience with a go-to guide, Saby is currently working on his first book, “What’s your plan B.”

What’s your Plan B?

Turn adversity into your benefits

If you get fired today or if your company goes bankrupt next week, are you prepared for that? Or you think “this will never happen to me”?

Change is the only thing that is constant. This means the technology can become redundant, jobs can become redundant, trends can change overnight. Adversity can also mean a sudden loss of a job, reorganization, automation, digitization, or the bankruptcy of a company; the list is endless.

Innovating is the only way forward. Every industry, be it banking, information technology, aviation, service, food, or even emerging start-ups have either adapted to change or failed.

Changing times need us to be future-ready at all times, as companies and as individuals. So, what should we do when adversity creeps into our perfect little world? (hits you in the face?)

The answer is simple: “Have a Plan B!”

The “B” in Plan B stands for Backup. Plan B is to make yourself ready to face the unforeseen crisis head-on. This book will help you create a backup plan, so when the tough time arrives, you’ll be prepared and able to steer yourself across the perils of adversity.

With feedback, comments and stories from 20 experts and leaders from various sectors, countries and situations, I have created a Plan B framework. A four-step approach to how to face adversity, create a plan B and make changes today.

When you have a Plan B, you can convert from a pink slip to the pink of condition. But you need to start preparing today.

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This is the timeline of my journey.

2014 am
Netherlands Champion of Humorous speech

The first, yet the toughest speech competition I have ever been. I tried to make my audience laugh by sharing my disastrous attempts of trying a Bollywood actor, and leave them with an inspiring message of never to quit your passion or dreams. The speech took me to European Finals in Lyon where I not only won 2nd prize but got thunderous applause.

2015 pm
European Champion of Public speaking

400 people in the audience in Porto and I entered to give my speech evaluation. The heart was pumping and I started. That was the most magical 3 minutes of my life because that performance made a champion in speech evaluation and pushed me in the world of professional speaking.

2016 pm
The Launch of “Speak like everyone is listening”

Took the first baby step in the world of professional speaking and launched my website and videos. Within 2 months I had my 1st client, UvA and I did a 4-hour workshop on how to speak confidently like everyone is listening.

2017 pm
A New Stage: TEDx - Art of Networking

Speaking at TEDx was a dream come true moment for me. In 2017, I had the honor to speak at TEDx Manipal University in India. It was a big moment as I shared my golden rules on how to network and connect with people.

2018 am
The World of Vlogging - Method in Madness

Vlogging is fun and a speaker it is double fun. In 2018 I started my 10 episodes vlog series with theme Last minute speaker. Every episode had a tip on how to make that cracking speech and also a new expression/idiom from a famous location across the globe.

2019 am
"What's your Plan B" - Concept

During my sabbatical in 2019, I came up with the idea of the book called "What's your Plan B". The first drafts of this book were written from the sunkissed white beaches of Maldives. The rest of year was spent in research and interviewing people who have survived adversity professionally. By end of 2019, the draft 2 of the book was completed.

2020 am
"What's your Plan B" Book release

November 2020 was an incredible time. After almost 2 years of work, my 1st book "What's your Plan B?" was ready for release. It was launched virtually with guest speakers, old friends and online magician. The event was attended by almost 140 people from 19 different countries.


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