Being the change

It is not always easy to bring the change, but an accountability factor can go a long way to bring about lasting change.

Transition does not have to be traumatising

Transitioning needs the correct perspective and mindset. No transition is complete without an internal transformation.

Team mentality

A strong team builds up efficiency like nothing other. Common goals and efficiency are key, but there’s more to it.

Behavioural Change Expert & Keynote Speaker

15 years in banking & change initiatives. Teaches organisations to embrace change with energy, humour & humanity, overcoming resistance for future-ready teams.

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Sabyasachi Sengupta Keynote Speaker

Saby is an expert

in behavioural change with a background in banking, where he spent 15 years being part of significant change initiatives. He didn’t just witness change; he lived it and learned how to navigate it effectively.

Now, as a speaker and consultant,

Saby focuses on the human side of transformation, teaching organisations how to move through change and innovation. He addresses the common problem of resistance to change, offering practical strategies for teams to overcome inertia and achieve their transformation goals. Saby’s work results in more adaptable, innovative, and resilient teams ready to face the future.

Transforming Your Workforce for Innovation and Change

Transforming Your Workforce for Innovation and Change

How Can Saby Help You?

We need to work on the people side of change because they are the ones who are directly affected by any changes that occur in an organisation. Change can cause anxiety, fear, and resistance, and if these reactions are not addressed, it can lead to negative consequences such as low morale, decreased productivity, and increased turnover.

Do you want to know how we can help you or your team through this transition?

Working on the people side of change involves understanding the human factors that influence how individuals and groups respond to change. It involves communicating effectively, building trust, providing support, and involving employees in the change process. By doing so, organisations can minimize resistance and help employees adapt to change more easily.

Working on the people side of change is essential to achieve the desired change outcomes. If employees are not engaged and committed, it is unlikely that the change will be successful. Therefore, it is important to focus on the people side of change to maximize the chances of success and minimize the negative impacts of change on the organisation and its employees.

Sabyasachi Sengupta Keynote Speaker Change

My Best Speaking Moment

600 people, and suddenly the auditorium lights went off. As a speaker, it’s difficult to know how to react in these moments. Do you continue speaking, stop, or freeze? But then something amazing happened. One by one, audience members turned on their mobile lights to signal me to keep speaking. And I continued…..

As a keynote speaker, I thrive on the audience’s reaction and love. But this moment was the most spectacular moment for me. It reminded me of why I love being a keynote speaker – the ability to make a change in the minds of my audience and make them think differently.

People often ask me if I enjoy the attention and praise of being in front of an audience. The answer is no. It’s the opportunity to make a difference that I’m passionate about.

I recently saw a quote in my favorite movie “12th Fail” that resonated with me: “If I cannot be the sun that shines upon the earth, I can still be the lamp and light up my street.”

Let’s all strive to light up our own streets and make a difference, one speech at a time

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Don’t listen to us. Listen to them who have taken the first step of their team transformation with us.

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Attila Baranyi - Assistant Vice President - CITI Bank Europe

Sabyasachi made a huge impact on the audience, involving them from the very first minute of the event. His presentation was interactive, so the participants were asking questions way before the Q&A session could start. The way he communicated, the topic he talked about were the ingredients of the successful and inspiring afternoon. He has not only talked about quality – the keyword of the whole World Quality Week – but he has covered other topics as transformation, helping the listeners to connect the dots, making them able to use this knowledge in their Project Management job.

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Bjorn Holmthorsson - Managing Director - five Degrees

I highly endorse Saby as a true expert in inspiring people within companies undergoing any transformation. Your insights into corporate challenges are remarkably logical and practical. Your energy and talent in delivering speeches are exceptional, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Thank you for your enthusiastic and outstanding performance at our recent Human Touch event. Your speech truly elevated the experience.

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Giedrius Surplys - Advisor to Prime Minister of Lithuania

Sabyasachi Sengupta‘s speech on managing changes is a valuable personal touch to anyone undergoing changes. We often tend to focus on how organisations „feel“ during the changes, but Sabyasachi Sengupta reminds us that all the changes are for the people, by the people and about the people. He paves the way to each and single person how to survive changes and benefit out of them.