Human Touch to Change as Missing a Big Thinker

Adding a Human Touch to Change: Is Your Team Missing a Big Thinker?

In every successful team, roles often transcend traditional titles. It’s about blending diverse personalities and skills—from the Healer to the Energizer, and from the Big Thinker to the Do-er.

But what blocks the path to becoming a ‘Big Thinker’ within your team?

1. High Operational Demand: Leaders often bog down big thinkers with daily tasks that eat up the room needed for strategic thinking and innovation.

2. Isolation from Peers: In environments that stifle peer interaction, big thinkers lose crucial opportunities for collaborative innovation.

3. Micromanagement: Overseeing the minutiae rather than focusing on the broader goals can stifle creativity, limiting independent decision-making crucial for innovative thinking.

4. Short-term Focus: Prioritizing immediate, easily achievable goals can discourage the pursuit of ambitious projects that promise bigger returns.

5. Myopic Leadership: Leaders lacking a long-term vision can create a culture that’s unfriendly to big thinking, favoring quick wins over pioneering ideas.

6. Lack of Recognition: When innovative contributions go unrecognized, it can lead to disillusionment and sap motivation.

7. Overemphasis on Conformity: A culture that deters deviation from the norm and discourages questioning established methods can suppress creative thinking.

Does your team have the space to innovate? What’s stopping your big thinkers?