Suit Yourself

‘An idle brain is the devil’s workshop’, that is something I have always believed. Therefore I always choose and prefer to be busy. Last year was one of the busiest years of my life. I was managing 2 jobs, held active membership at 3 Voluntary organizations and was also an ambassador of a reputed university. This meant my weekdays, weekends and evenings were always busy. I wasn’t sometimes sure if I was happy being so busy or not. The reason being I was so caught up with work, its pressure, its rewards, its challenges that I didn’t get too much time to think.

Even in the busiest time I made time for 1 thing and that was for the show, “Suits”. One of USA’s most loved and watched legal drama ever. As a loyal lover of that show I wouldn’t miss even a single episode. I was probably in love with busy lives of the lawyers at Pearson Spector Litt. And then came the summer finale of Suits season 6.

The managing partner of the company, Jessica Pearson who had always fought tooth and nail to keep her company, her ambition and her success at the peak decided to step down from the top post. Not because she was tired or scared fighting anymore but because she realized something. She realized why she wanted to be a lawyer in the first place. It struck to her that she got so caught up with the daily operation of her work, the power struggle, the stress that she forgot the reason why she had decided to be a lawyer in the first place.  Therefore she decided to take a step back from the glamorous, high paying and powerful position of being a Managing partner to focus on her priorities which she had forgotten.

It’s so true that we sometimes get so caught up into work that we often forget the objective, the reason why we started doing it in the first place. Daily life and its unforeseen challenges often blind us like a horse and we keep running. Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and asking yourself if you and your work are still in line with your objectives. If not then it’s time to pull the plug from that activity. It may require some sacrifice, some hard choices and some resistance from others and also self, but believe me, it’s worth it. I took off few items from my list which were no longer contributing to meet my objectives. It was a painful process as those activities were dear to me. But sometimes you need to make difficult choices based on your objectives.

Friends, if you are too busy with life, caught up into several activities then take a step back and ask yourself why did you start doing this activity in the first place, and if you are still in line or not with your objectives, then you will know what’s the next step to take.

I always feel that enjoying little breaks are real power boosters, or how in the movie and book Eat Pray Love, there’s this Italian proverb which says,” Dolce Far Niente” means “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Clear your brain, revisit your objectives and then take the next step.


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