June 25, 2017

Master of Ceremony

Master of Ceremony

Every event needs a great Master of Ceremony to give the event that extra shine, spark and direction. Saby has been a Master of Ceremony at various events and he enjoys it thoroughly. His wit, connection with the audience and spontaneousness makes him a true Master of Ceremony. Whether its hosting a serious conference, or a corporate event or even a wedding party, Saby is always up for the job. He is not afraid to experiment with the crowd. From his tongue and cheek humor, to persuasion while hosting an auction to actually rapping on stage, he has always tried new styles at every events based on its need.  With an experience of speaking in over 10 countries across 3 continents, Saby uses brings across cross cultural sensitivity, humour and understanding to woo his audience at every event and conference to add that mastery touch that makes it special.

Why Saby?

"Your event deserves the right amount of razzle dazzle that will mesmerize your audience, energize the performers and make sure that the timelines are respected. I have inspiration stories, spontaneous humor and years of experience that I bring on stage every time. So let's do it".

What others say about Saby?

The moment Saby appears on stage, he spellbinds you with his energy, his grace, his charm, his good humour and above all his natural ease. Saby makes speaking look fun, the ultimate skill in any speaker, and he makes listening to him fun too. Yet he never loses his focus or his message. He is as concise as he is energetic and he has a special gift for feedback, delivering it with great positivity but also clearly identifying the best ways of improving your performance. Above all, he is a natural – a natural storyteller, a natural performer, a natural evaluator, a natural speaker, bringing out the best in himself and his audiences. Listening to him, learning from him and working with him are a joy and privilege. Good luck on your journey, Saby.
Percy Roland
Property Consultant at Engel & Völkers
Sabyasachi is a pure entertainer. He enjoys being on stage, and shaking off his audience’s worries to give them a laughter-filled riot through his speeches. He is confident enough to not only make the audience laugh, but turn the humour around on himself, and that’s the mark of a man who has nothing to hide. I have always enjoyed Sabyasachi’s speeches, they left me feeling warm, engaged and delighted. I recommend Sabysachi to anyone looking to thoroughly enjoy themselves as an audience.
Sangbreeta Moitra
Keynote Speaker Public Speaking Trainer Project Manager II, The Netherlands