June 24, 2017

Keynote speaker

"It's your attitude, not aptitude that defines your altitude"

A keynote speech marks the mood of an event. A good keynote speech sets the mood, momentum and rhythm to an event or conference. As a speaker Saby understands the need of a powerful and captivating keynote speech that can touch the audience and set the momentum. What makes Saby standout is his quality to bring across complex, and critical message with charisma. He uses his humour, tongue and cheek wit and audience engagement to make his keynote speech powerful and affable.

What people say about Saby’s keynote speeches?

For Sabyasachi, providing entertainment and inspiration come hand in glove. He knows how to pair wit and wisdom in his speeches, leaving the audience refreshed and revived. From seeing and hearing him speak at various events, I know one can trust Saby to rise to the occasion and deliver a message and a performance you will remember. Affable, bold, and creative, he is the kind of speaker you just want to lend your ear to. I can highly recommend Saby as a speaker to add meaning and momentum to your event with his skill and charm.
Cora Hollander
Business Consultant SNS Bank, The Netherlands
Sabyasachi is a magical speaker. His use of language and imagery never fails to draw me into his stories. With his pleasant disposition he is able to move the hearts of his listeners. I’ve known Saby as a speaker for 6 years and in all these years he continues to improve and work on his skills.
Peter Zinn
High Tech Crime Advisor, KLPD (National Crime Squad), The Netherlands
How to describe Saby? When he’s in the room, you can’t miss his positive vibe. When he’s on stage, you want to see him, you’ll be absorbed with this stories and lessons. The way he’s talking is clear, he’s witty, he knows exactly what he wants to tell the audience ánd what they want to hear. Already an admirable speaker and for sure one of the better speakers of the future.
Lucy Sennef
Cofounder Malfouf Eco Bags| Amman| Jordan

Art of Networking

In today's times networking is that one skill that can make or break your career. Saby shares some secrets of networking that is easy to remember and follow yet very effective.

Recent speech :TEDx ManipalUniversity- Art of Networking | January 2017

I regularly attend professional events and conferences. These are excellent opportunities to meet interesting people - which is important to me both on a personal and on a professional level - but admittedly I haven't given a lot of thought about my approach to networking. Sabyasachi's TEDx talk is a gentle reminder to people who feel similar to me to step up their game when it comes to networking. His tips are practical and down-to-earth which undoubtedly will help putting them into practice. Thank you for the inspiration Saby!

Richard Sanders

Strategic Investment Specialist – N.N. Investment Partners

Speak like TED speaker

Public speaking can be scary, but not after you have heard Saby give his signature keynote speech on "Speak Like TED". Its an engaging and powerful talk encouraging everybody to speak with power and confidence. Saby provides easy techniques and guidelines that will give everyone in the audience the zeal and tool to speak like a TED speaker.

Recent speeches:

  • Post Doc Day | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | November 2016
  • Speak Like TED | PD Talks Amsterdam | May 2017

Saby gave an amazing talk for our personal development events. He's the kind of guy who practices what he preaches. The audience was entertained, involved and attached to his lips literally from start till end. This way it's not only the great content and tips he gives, but also just by seeing him in action, he is a true inspiration and an example. In my eyes it is true value what he offers. Especially because communication is that one thing we all need in life.

Frank Boon

Founder - Follow your passion

Leadership 2.0 - Gift your Feedback

Feedback is a quality that can define a leader and his leadership. A good leader must know how to give effective,  constructive and critical feedback in a way that is positive, encouraging and motivating. Saby is an European and Dutch champion in feedback giving and he brings across his rich experience in this keynote speech. Using metaphor from Shakespeare's classic and making an analogy with current working places, his keynote appeals to all leaders, managers and professionals across Europe.

Recent speeches :

  • Evaluation Summit - Toastmasters Netherlands - February 2016
  • Evaluation Summit - Toastmasters Belgium - February 2017
  • Leadership Summit Spain- Toastmasters Barcelona - July 2017

A dynamic, powerful speaker who connects easily with international audiences, Saby lights up the stage with energy and enthusiasm, using well-crafted stories and anecdotes to inform and inspire. Humor and entertainment are ever-present ingredients in Saby's successful recipe, making his message memorable and motivating his audience. Elegant and articulate, he and his words leave a positive lasting impression!

Ginny Slocum

Business Communications Trainer Paris, France

Saby Sengupta was our Keynote Speaker at the 2017 Evaluation Summit, a day dedicated to the art of feedback. Saby's speech hit the mark. It was highly instructive as well as highly entertaining and it delivered what we were hoping for: to kick the day off on a high.

Carsten Wendt

Journalist and Communications Consultants - Brussels, Belgium

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is perhaps the most talked about topic these days. Every company and organisation is looking to create diversity and bring fresh talent and skills. But true Diversity starts with you. Being an expat from India, living in the Netherlands for 7 years Saby understand the needs, challenges and the advantages of diversity. He brings across the value of Diversity by using example from a iconic comic character and his own life. Saby believes that Diversity is not a choice but necessity.

Recent speeches : University day - University of Amsterdam - November 2016

As an inspirational speaker, Saby knows how to capture an audience's attention with his sincerity and passion for his topic. He is energetic and entertaining with a creative approach to help convey his message. With a flair for humor and a touch of drama, Saby is sure to delight any audience.

Mia Benjamin

Research food scientist - Unilever, The Netherlands
Saby is an exceptional speaker. His content is original and he connects with the audience in a kind and authentic manner. He has natural and controlled energy that purveys the message in a clear and extraordinary way. I always look forward seeing how he will dazzle his next audience.

Abraham van der Vyver

Java Developer - Trifork, The Netherlands

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