Django Unwavering

My dad always taught me one thing, that you can never be happy and successful in life if your neighborhood is not happy and successful. Always help people around you, appreciate their goodness and help them achieve their goals. When you do that you can lead a happy life.

Recently I saw a masterpiece of a movie called Django Unchained. My favorite scene from that movie is when Django arrives at Monsieur castle. Monsieur asks his loyal house servant Stephan to treat Django with the same dignity as other guests. Django like Stephan was a black man and Stephan was extremely reluctant to do the same.

He loathed the fact that a black man had the same privileges like his master and the other guests. He ultimately caused a stir that resulted in Django getting chained and also his beloved master Monsieur getting killed.

When I was watching the movie I could totally observe the dichotomy and anger of Stephan. He is an example of an everyday peer, colleague or even a friend who hates to see you and your growth. Just like Stephan he will make every attempt to pull you down through harsh criticism, painful sarcasm and drastic comments. But does this help?

The answer is NO. It doesn’t help anybody, especially the Stephan’s. It only makes things worse. Jealousy is the root cause of every evil we have in our lives and society.

Thanks to my dad, I always believe that if you want to go fast go alone and if you want to go far go together. Let’s learns from each other success and failures and help each other.

And if you are the Django who is at the receiving end, don’t react to this tempting and alluring mud throwing. Even if it is hurtful, painful or annoying. Just focus on your goal, objective and dream. This unwavering quality will help you to achieve new heights.

As Gandhi said “Living well is the best revenge”

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