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Hands sweating, throat choking, legs shaking. I was standing at the end of the room, mic attached to my shirt, as I heard the master of ceremony call my name: ‘Next speaker: Saby Sengupta!’

I walked towards the stage. Loud applause, cheers, whistles. I shook hands with the MC before he left. Now I was all alone on the big stage. The 400 people in the crowd went silent.

This was my moment. I was about to give a speech evaluation in the European finals of the Spring 2015 Toastmasters Contest in Porto, Lisbon.

This was my moment. Finally I could put my months of practise and preparation to action.

This was a most nerve wrecking moment. Little did I know it would turn into one of my happiest.

As a closing line, I decided to speak my truth: “in public speaking, if you do not yet have the gift of gab, you need the gift of guru”

Later that evening the MC again announced my name: “And the winner is….!” And that closing line became my reflection.

Now I ask myself what kept me going on stage, despite the nerves and the pressure. My answer is simple: guidance and connection. Guidance came from my mentors who helped and motivated me. Connection was build through energy between the audience and me. That is all you need to light up the stage, and speak like everybody’s listening.

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TEDx Art of Networking 2017

“An excellent approach to the art of networking, Sabyasachi gets to the essence of the importance of seeing yourself the way you want others to see you and provides you with a practical framework that can help you create a network that goes far beyond your activity on Linkedin and gets to the heart of what it is to build and sustain relationships.”
Nikhil Barshikar
Managing Director- Imarticus Learning

Introducing Sabyasachi

A mesmerizing master storyteller by nature, Sabyasachi captures the audience with his amazing speaking skills. Popularly known as Saby, he is a reputed and experienced TEDx speaker in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Europe. Bagging several public speaking awards at Toastmasters European and Dutch contests, Saby helps guide executives, corporates, and students shape their stories and presentations. His tailor-made programs help them develop excellent speaking skills, a connect with the audience, and the ability to express themselves effectively. Saby focuses on three key aspects of communication in public speaking: 1. How to capture the attention of the audience 2. How to structure one’s thoughts into a logical form 3. How to verbalize those thoughts with confidence His main objective of …. is to assist the participants in being able to express their complex and critical thinking with simplicity, using relatable stories and helping them create a powerful impact. Saby’s speeches have been well-received in more than 10 countries across 3 continents. His signature keynote speeches include topics such as diversity, networking, and finding your voice. He believes that speaking is like ballet; you need to prepare, practice, and perform with confidence and grace. Dance like everyone is watching and speak like everyone is listening!

  • Member since 2010

  • TEDx Manipal University 2017

  • TEDx Colomiers coach 2018

  • Member of RCAI since 2016

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Awards and Recognitions

Saby has won several awards for public speaking at European levels

1st Prize in Europe 2015

Speech Evaluation Contest
May 2015 Saby won the 1st prize in Speech Evaluation contest in Toastmasters District contest in Porto and became the 1st Dutch representative to have 1st prize in the same category.

2nd Prize in Europe 2018

Speech Evaluation Contest

1st Prize in the Netherlands 2018

Speech Evaluation Contest

2nd prize in Europe 2014

Humorous Speech Contest
Saby won the 2nd prize in European/District finals of Toastmasters Humorous speech contest 2014 in Lyon. His speech “A Dream too far” won many hearts.

1st prize the Netherlands 2015

Speech Evaluation Contest
Saby won the 1st prize in speech Evaluation contest in Toastmasters Division contest in 2015. He further went on to win the District/European contest the same year

1st prize the netherlands 2014

Humorous Speech contest 214
Saby won the Dutch finals in 2014 in Toastmasters Humorous speech contest in Amsterdam with a very funny speech with a strong message.

2nd Prize in Europe 2017

Speech Evaluation Contest

1st Prize in the Netherlands 2017

Speech Evaluation Contest
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