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Who is Saby?

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Modern day Fabler

Sabyasachi is a reputed motivational and inspirational speaker in the Netherlands. His biggest speaking strength is he can deliver strong messages in his speech with humor. As a Fabler Saby enjoys delivering his fables specially when his audience laughs with him, learns from the fables and also also feels motivated. Saby has delivered several keynote speeches at various events.

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A firm believer that communication skills can never be overvalued, Saby is dedicated to share how to speak like everybody is listening. He develops and provides communication training for a variety of audiences, from corporate, brands and universities. Enhancing skills and efforts enabling tangible results are always the key takeaways from his trainings.

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Business Economist by degree and Banker by profession, Saby has worked for over seven years in major banks and investment banks across Europe and Asia. This experience proves to be invaluable source of understanding and inspiration when it comes to speaking demands and cross-cultural dynamics in the work environment.

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When I am not speaking

Besides work and professional speaking Saby is also associated with various other institutions. Saby is a member of Rotary Club Amsterdam. He is the ambassador of University of Amsterdam for 2016. Back in 2007 he used to teach English and Computers to underprivileged children in India at an institute called Asha Kiran.

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TEDx Art of Networking 2017

“An excellent approach to the art of networking, Sabyasachi gets to the essence of the importance of seeing yourself the way you want others to see you and provides you with a practical framework that can help you create a network that goes far beyond your activity on Linkedin and gets to the heart of what it is to build and sustain relationships.”
Nikhil Barshikar
Managing Director- Imarticus Learning

Introducing Sabyasachi

Everything you want to know about Saby

Sabyasachi is an experienced and reputed TEDx and public speaker in the Amsterdam, Netherlands and Europe. Saby has won several awards for public speaking at European and Dutch levels in recent years. Now, he brings his speaking experience to corporations and universities, helping executives and students improve their communication skills. Through tailor-made training programs he allows participants to develop their speaking skills, connect with the audience and express themselves more effectively. He focuses on the most important aspects of communication - how to capture the attention of the audience, how to structure one’s thoughts into a logical form and then how to verbalize those thoughts with confidence. He also teaches the art of giving feedback and expressing an opinion in the most sincere and effective way. Born and brought up in Kolkata, Saby went to college and worked in Mumbai for 3 years in big investment banks. Then he moved to The Netherlands to pursue Masters at the University of Amsterdam in Business Economics and thereafter has been working in an international bank in Amsterdam since 2011. Sabyasachi has delivered his signature keynote speeches and masterclasses in various countries in Europe. In 2017 he delivered his first TEDx Speech in Art of Networking in India. Today he is an established Keynote speaker, speaking coach and communication specialist.

  • Member of Toastmasters for 7 years

  • Ambassador of UvA

  • Associate in ABN AMRO for 6 years

  • Member of RCAI since 2016

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Awards and Recognitions

Saby has won several awards for public speaking at European levels

1st Prize in Europe 2015

Speech Evaluation Contest
May 2015 Saby won the 1st prize in Speech Evaluation contest in Toastmasters District contest in Porto and became the 1st Dutch representative to have 1st prize in the same category.

1st prize the Netherlands 2015

Speech Evaluation Contest
Saby won the 1st prize in speech Evaluation contest in Toastmasters Division contest in 2015. He further went on to win the District/European contest the same year

2nd prize in Europe 2014

Humorous Speech Contest
Saby won the 2nd prize in European/District finals of Toastmasters Humorous speech contest 2014 in Lyon. His speech “A Dream too far” won many hearts.

1st prize the netherlands 2014

Humorous Speech contest 214
Saby won the Dutch finals in 2014 in Toastmasters Humorous speech contest in Amsterdam with a very funny speech with a strong message.
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