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SABY Sengupta


This book has been my biggest passion project to date. Writing the book was a tremendous journey, but what followed after the book launch was very more tremendous. I had several calls and meeting with people who were struggling with their jobs, unhappy, not knowing what to do next. They reached out to me. My approach has been always simple, we will write you everything in an A4 size paper and that’s how you will get answers to all the doubts and what you should do next. Ofcourse it will take time, trust and honesty.

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You are not the only one who is not sure what to do next? Are you not sure if you want to change teams, employer, sector or start something of your own? We all had these doubts. Because a number of factors from your responsibilities, finances, ambition and in some cases your residential status play a huge role in making these decisions. Let me help you. Let us sit down and  list down what make can you do next. Together we will find your next steps that is in line with your ambition and situation and the best way you can make that transition. Let’s have a meeting. S

hoot me an email at info@sabyasachisengupta.com 

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