What are your Transferable Skills?

What are your Transferable Skills?

One of the key skills in the future will be Transferable skills. What are those? Transferable skills are those skills that one can utilize in various sectors and industries. For example, the most trending transferable skill today is coding. Knowledge of coding can be used if you are an IT professional, programmer, risk manager, consultant, start-up founder and many more. The secret to developing transferable skills and enjoying the benefits they bring is to develop them in your current job.

Why do you need these skills?

When Indian major airline Jet Airways was grounded in 2019 it resulted in chaos in the job market in the Indian aviation industry. 22,000 employees were working for the airline company at the time. Other airlines like Spice Jet came forward to hire employees of the debt-ridden airline. But Spice Jet was able to hire only 500-1,000 employees. What happened to the remaining employees? Heart-wrenching stories filled the daily newspapers, such as one employee who worked at Jet Airways for 19 years and was struggling to find another job to make ends meet. Companies outside the airline business (including consulting companies, real estate companies) came forward with the intention to hire Jet Airways employees but often found no match in employee skills.

In a slightly exaggerated example, let us analyze what skills a Junior pilot has that are transferable to a career in a consulting company?

Have you ever listened to a pilot’s announcement when the plane is about to depart or land? Have you noticed how some pilots will just list the facts and give their bare minimum, while some pilots take that moment to amuse the passengers and even promote their airline? Now, which of them do you think is developing a transferable skill of public speaking?

What about you? If you want to change the industry or sector, what transferable skills have you developed so far? A mini exercise is to write down 3 such skills that you want to develop and include in your CV. Now is time to build, develop and nurture at least 3 such transferable skills as a Plan B.


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