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Independence Day is the first Hollywood movie that I ever saw. I was scared while watching it as I was convinced that aliens exist and they can take on the earth. After so many years it still remains one my favourite movie.

I was in awe of the trilling air fights, scared looking at the weird looking aliens and helpless watching fellow human running from pillar to post to save the earth.

However, I think it was motivational speech done by the President just before the climax that became a highlight of the movie for me. It was on the morning of the day when Earth gave the last fight back to survive. Humans and civilization have been so far decimated by the aliens and if this fight back fails, human cease to exist. So here is the President who has personally joined the war, gives one pep talk to ignite spirit among the citizen. What made this 2 minutes speech the highlight were the following

1. Connection- The President addresses the soldiers twice, by saying good morning. He waits till they have stopped their activities and came closer to listen to him. He starts with action, that they will fight the biggest war of mankind, and plays with the “mankind” word to churn the fighting spirit among the soldiers by making them realize the need and call for the hour.

2. Use of words- In a motivational speech, the use of apt words make the most impact. In his speech he use negative words like “annihilate” at the very start of his speech. But halfway through the speech he starts using words like “fight” ” we will not go quietly in the night” . In other words, the President doesn’t speak of grave consequences of losing the war anymore, but pleasant outcomes of winning this war. He use negative words to set the platform and then he plants hope with his positive words and thought just before the war of lifetime so that the soldier fight not to lose the war but to win it. That is the power of positive words in motivational speech. Your words motivate your audience to fight to win and not defend a loss.

3. Powerful voice- The speech started as the mellow early morning speech but the last 2 sentences created magic. The sentences that had the main message that “we will fight back”, “we will not vanish without a fight” and ” we will survive” had the power in his voice that made even the audience in the theatre want to jump in a plane and fight the war. The aura and authority in his voice when he declared that this will be our ” Independence Day” made everybody want to fight for him. That’s how he concluded a power pack speech.

Even if the speech was only 2 minutes it had an impact of a lifetime because it made a connection to my sensitivity at the start, enriching and positive words inspired me and a powerful ending gave a cause to fight for.

Now this what I call a powerful motivational speech.


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  • Great reflection, Saby! Yep, Hollywood screenplay writers have a gift when it comes to motivational speeches. Keep up the great work. By the way, your website rocks!

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