What’s your Plan B?

We live in an unpredictable world, where these events can occur multiple times in our lives and sometimes even simultaneously. Staying abreast and innovating is the only way forward. Every industry, be it banking, information technology, aviation, service, food, or even emerging start-ups have either adapted to the change or failed. This keynote speech is […]

When things go wrong?

An interactive talk to highlight why and how we can turn change and adversity into our benefit. It will have interactive games and discussions to stimulate innovation. Change is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Instead of being upset or complain of change, let us become the drivers of the change and embrace it. In this talk, we […]

Art of Networking

In today’s times, networking is one skill that can make or break your career. Saby shares some secrets of networking that is easy to remember and follow yet very effective. Saby did his first TEDx talk in TEDx Manipal University in India and he shared his 3 golden rules of networking.   

What’s New

Lithuania calling this October. Really happy that I will be speaking at the PMI Congress in Lithuania on how to survive adversity. In my talk, I will share my idea on why we need a plan B and how to choose and make your Plan B.