Public speaking for the Team

Are you looking for a team building activity? Would you like to do an activity that is fun, engaging and also has learning opportunities. Then you are surely looking for a workshop in Public speaking. A workshop in public speaking address one the biggest fears and discomfort we have. And it helps build a community […]

Pitch with Product Storytelling

Selling is an art, but pitching is science. When you pitch to your potential client do you hesitate to do so? You aren’t a car salesman, so the old school techniques wouldn’t work in today’s time. You are a professional who needs to not only sell but build trust and relationships with your clients. Then […]

What’s New

Lithuania calling this October. Really happy that I will be speaking at the PMI Congress in Lithuania on how to survive adversity. In my talk, I will share my idea on why we need a plan B and how to choose and make your Plan B.