Alexandra Kecskes

AVP Citi Bank Saby’s Master Class at Uva was equally useful and entertaining. He has a confident appearance, a well-structured message and a casual still thought-out scenario which provided us with theoretical background but also left room to exercise and present the newly acquired story-telling methods. Saby’s sense of humor, improvisation skills and interactions with the group contributed greatly to the positive atmosphere of the workshop. For me personally this class confirmed the importance and necessity of improving my presentation skills, listening to my classmate’s speeches made me aware of the common mistakes and by Saby’s feedbacks we learned how we can avoid or correct them. Most important learning points were the short methods he presented, e.g. good, better, twist or the storytelling with reference to past-present-future. Since then I pay more attention to the speeches of my colleagues and actually already spotted some of the methods by presentations given by senior managers at my company

Aukse Zukauskiene

Country Head Barclays Lithuania- It was a pleasure and honor to be part of the PMI LT conference in Vilnius and to see Saby presenting on a very relevant topic of Plan B. His insights are relevant for personal as well as corporate world and also got me thinking a lot about our choices. powerful insights supported by inspiring and energetic delivery made his presentation / talk most “wanted” on the conference. Transitions do not have to be hard or painful, they can be managed, planned for and bright. thanks for this Saby!


“This book is a very useful guide of how to not only survive but thrive when adversity strikes. The examples make the reading vivid and the notions really comprehensible, while the tips make the guidance really applicable.

My key takeaway: All we need is to not be taken by surprise. That means to look intentionally for the red flags of individual adversity and be ready like scouts for universal black swans.”


Sengupta‘s lecture on managing changes is a valuable personal touch to anyone undergoing changes. We often tend to focus on how organisations „feel“ during the changes, but Sabyasachi Sengupta reminds us that all the changes are for the people, by the people and about the people. He paves the way to each and single person how to survive changes and benefit out of them.

Jenny Hakka

I had the chance to attend Saby’s talk on “What’s your plan B?” during Residential Weekend 2020 conference in Prague.
Saby’s natural and friendly presence of interacting with the audience, and warming us up with jokes and personal stories, made the talk really engaging.
What I liked the most was the fact that I got uncomfortable!
Sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but through many examples of adversities and crises that so many people face in their lives,
I was forced to think about what could threaten and turn upside down my current “comfy little life”.
What I found the most useful was the 4 strategies to B ready for your plan B!
Not only did Saby manage to raise awareness and change our perspective,
but he also introduced the most fundamental principles on which we should all start on building our plan B, asap.
I am very much looking forward to his upcoming book “What’s your plan B?”, to have it as my secret tool in the face of world’s adversities.
Based on Saby’s potential and the ideas presented, I expect it [the book] to be nothing less than a real mindset challenger and a powerful guide.


PM Congress Key Note raises the bar

Sabyasachi Sengupta gave the PM Congress 2019 attendees the gold standard of how to start a key note and followed with insights on adversarial management that caused a buzz between both business and academics in the coffee lounge following his remarks

His 12 April 2019 presentation on the 3 key components of adversarial conditions he expects to drive future challenges were exampled with specifics and mitigation ideas. Giving all of us food for thought and actions to take back at the workplace.

Are you ready for the future? Are you watching the right trends? Do you know what the indicators mean? The presentation was backed with documented and antidotal insights. A suggestion for the next time to see that Saby is presenting — don’t miss it!


Saby gave a 3-day training to my company over Sales Pitch. Everyone was impressed on the way he managed to make an impact, we caught ourselves “correcting” each other based on the comments Saby made during the training from the very first day. He managed to provide a high level training using intelligent stories taken from daily activities and keep our attention the whole time. During the training, everyone had the opportunity to practice and realize what the strong points are and what needs to be improved and most important how to improve. Saby is a talented speaker who love what he does and we are grateful we took the opportunity to leverage from him “


“An excellent approach to the art of networking, Sabyasachi gets to the essence of the importance of seeing yourself the way you want others to see you and provides you with a practical framework that can help you create a network that goes far beyond your activity on Linkedin and gets to the heart of what it is to build and sustain relationships.”


Sabyasachi, the author of “What’s Your Plan B”, distances himself from the self-help herd by establishing his book not as an universal recipe, but rather as a companion for everyday actions and decisions. He has no ambition to lecture you on what makes a good professional as much as provide you with real-life examples of how others, including the author himself, have navigated adversity and anxiety without losing sight of their individual targets, whatever those may be. Though I believe the author hadn’t planned his book to take on a Covid-19 theme, one can’t help but see in his hands-on approach important lessons to struggle through a pandemic that has put on hold so many of our plans. Most of us could use a bit more resilience – and a Plan B – so we don’t lose focus on what gives meaning to our lives.”

Rokas Samuolis

Sabyasachi Sengupta presentation “What’s Your Plan B?” at PMI Lithuania Conference 2019 was delivered in superb fashion, shocking facts and a deep impact on the audience. Saby relates and reacts to the listeners in real-time, takes into account most recent global events and is able to inspire hundreds. The presentation is smooth, engaging and very relevant today.