Pitch with Product Storytelling

Pitch with Product Storytelling

Selling is an art, but pitching is science. When you pitch to your potential client do you hesitate to do so? You aren’t a car salesman, so the old school techniques wouldn’t work in today’s time. You are a professional who needs to not only sell but build trust and relationships with your clients. Then you can sell without being a salesman. The tool you need is storytelling. Product storytelling will help you understand your client’s needs, present your product information and build a long term relationship with your clients.

In this workshop, I guide you on the journey from thought to plan by sharing Saby’s Six-Step Approach to Selling and pitching Ideas through storytelling.
After the session you will be able to:
* Confidently and proudly present your idea
*Able to structure key points in less than 2 mins
*Learn how to connect with your audience
*Make effective sales through perfect pitching

My clients include Uber, MSG Global, EY and Wageningen University & Research. The workshop was updated to meet the new needs of the digital world. Do you struggle with doing pitches via Zoom or Teams? Is it harder to make connections online? Learn how in this workshop how to make that personal connection with your clients?

Let’s work on your pitch and grab the sales opportunity.


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