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Is Fear winning? Do I need Plan B now?

Fear is one of the strongest feelings keeping us from reaching our potential. In a way, it is one of the worst enemies we have. This strongest natural survival instinct though necessary, often makes us do crazy stupid things and usually stops us from doing the right thing. But how does fear grip us? How […]

What are your Transferable Skills?

One of the key skills in the future will be Transferable skills. What are those? Transferable skills are those skills that one can utilize in various sectors and industries. For example, the most trending transferable skill today is coding. Knowledge of coding can be used if you are an IT professional, programmer, risk manager, consultant, […]

Gratitude in Attitude

One of the most popular phrases used by successful people is that it is always lonely at the top. People who climb the ladder of success often crumble to sustain friendships and good terms with long-standing acquaintances. The reasons that contribute to this theory can very often be related to jealousy, resentment, personal failure, or […]

What’s New

Lithuania calling this October. Really happy that I will be speaking at the PMI Congress in Lithuania on how to survive adversity. In my talk, I will share my idea on why we need a plan B and how to choose and make your Plan B.