Make your sales pitch like The Wolf of Wallstreet

Make your sales pitch like The Wolf of Wallstreet

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the greatest biographical black comedy movies of all times. The movie depicts greed and ambition like never before. It contains many moments that teach you exactly what not to do in your life and work.

There’s a popular scene in the movie, where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) teaches his team how to make a successful sales pitch. He begins by explaining the current standing of the firm. He goes on to explain how being a startup business cannot stop them from having huge ambitions and making them successful. The scene continues as Jordan shows his employees how it is done and how a client is reeled in. Though very enjoyable to watch, the scene is very disturbing from the client’s perspective. So, sparing the overtly aggressive behaviors and the language, here are three tips that you can inculcate to win a successful sales pitch in the right way. These tips are time-tested and helpful. They work on bridging the gap between a pitch and a sale by exuberating confidence, creating and winning trust, allowing the client to be mindful, and persuading him to buy your product. So, let’s get started!

  •  Big things often have small beginnings-This principle can also be applied to your next sales pitch. Start off by selling something small, be it a less expensive product or a 1-month trial of the services you offer. You need to take small steps to build trust. A client probably wouldn’t mind paying for a 1-month trial of a service or a less expensive product. There is a high probability that he will come back for more. Have faith and confidence that this will lead to increased sales in the long run and customer retention. Allow this sale to build the trust. If you start with a big and expensive idea, you may run into the risk of intimidating the client. A small beginning is almost painless for a client. So, always remember to dream big but start small!
  • Display your motivation – During a sales pitch, you may give the client 100 reasons why he this product is beneficial for him, but you may still end up not making a sale. He may not trust you completely even after your pitch. He may consider that you’re simply trying to close the deal with the intent of pure profit. This is exactly where you surprise him with your motivation. Feel free to put all your cards on the table, even express how ambitious you are and how this sale will help you and your company. In this process of baring yourself, you bring out the honesty and motivation for the sale which in turn transforms into trust on his end. This will help the client feel comfortable rising your chances of closing the deal.
  • Close it with attitude and not a platitude – Once you have made your pitch, allow the client to take the time to say yes. This is the most crucial moment of the meeting, where the client is deciding whether he should trust you on your pitch. Let him take his time; don’t badger him. Most of all, don’t try to oversell. This may hamper the trust process and you may come across as needy or even greedy for a sale. End your pitch on a note, where your client weighs all the pros and cons, and you wait for your well-informed client to make the right decision. Allow him to hesitate, contradict himself, but don’t jump in unless he asks for it. This is a vital clause because if the client says yes on his own accord, you can negotiate a good deal and come out as equals and not desperate for a sale.

You can actually enact these tips in your real life to close the deal. Remember these simple easy-to-implement tricks the next time you’re trying to make a sales pitch and you’ll end up pitching like the Wolf (with good intentions)!


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