Impression by choice not chance

I believe that the first golden rule to good networking is to make an Impression. When you make a good impression with the person you want to network, you will be remembered for a long time and you never know how that impression pays off in the future.


The idea came to me some years back when I saw a Bollywood movie called “Luck by Chance” where a struggling actor by Vikram Jaisingh (Farhan Akhtar) manages to get invited to a glamorous party. He sees a very famous yesteryear actress Neena (Dimple Kapadia). Now a lot of us in that situation would choose to say things that she has heard a million times, i.e. I am such a big fan, You look beautiful in real life etc. But not Vikram He goes up to her and says “I am in this world because of you”. Neena gets all puzzled and urges Vikram to continue. Vikram explains that his parents were big fans of  Neena and her movies and that’s how they became friends and eventually got married. Vikram further compliments her as the most beautiful lady. Neena is noticeably surprised and moved by these lines. Fast forward into the movie, the story unfolds when Neena is in charge for shortlisting actors for a new movie and sees Vikram’s photo in a portfolio. Although she does not remember the conversation at that party, she does feel there is something about this guy. She ends up shortlisting him for an audition and thereby bringing Vikram closer to his dreams of being an actor.

This movie for me showcases the best example of how to interact with someone influential you meet for the first time. Even if the conversation lasts for just thirty seconds, you can still make your mark and leave a lasting memory of you. You never know how and when you can get rewarded for it.

After watching this scene, I have tried my best to create that memorable and pleasant impression when I meet a new person. Through practice and experience I learned that the best way to make that impression is by talking about your passion, ambition and emotion. Try to the find a bridge that can connect your story with the story of the person in front of you. When you make that impression you know you have taken the right step towards good networking.

The first golden rule to master that skill of Networking is to be able to make a memorable and pleasant impression. Making that unique impression gives you a recall value. You don’t need more than 30 seconds to make that impression. So next time you meet someone you want to network, use that 30 seconds to make your impression impressive.

Thanks to this movie “Luck by Chance” I learned that making an impression is never by chance, but by choice. Are you ready to make an Impression by choice and not chance?


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