your plan B?

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Who needs a Plan B?

Are you ready today to take on unforeseen turbulence at your current job? Have you ever wondered how you would react in the face of adversity in your career? What will happen if your company suddenly decides to wrap it up, or you get a pink slip and lose your job? What if your artificial intelligence makes your job redundant overnight? We live in a time, where any adversity may be just around the corner and we cannot avoid it. What can we do to best prepare for the adversity if it decides to knock on our door? What we can do is to have a Plan B. Coming soon "What's your Plan B", a book that will tell us how can be we prepared for adversity and crisis. Saby has delivered several speeches at various events in many countries. Here is an overview of the most recent speeches and talks delivered by Saby on Plan B.

Business Breakfast Club, May 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the period of lockdown due to Covid-19, I presented a talk called WinBack-20 stating how can we survive and even flourish in this period with Plan B. I said " We all are caterpillars now, but only a few of us will be butterflies".

Residential Weekend
Prague, Czech Republic, Feb 2020

Introduced the cup game for the 1st time. An easy yet effective method that one can do every month on the payday to assess their adversity and hedge their Plan B.

PMI Concave Mumbai
Mumbai, India February 2020

Addressing to the project managers in Mumbai, at the PMI Concave 2020 on how they can survive adversity in their job. Key focus on the skills they should acquire to make themselves future proof.

Government of Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania October 2019

Before we change, we need to have the right mindset of change. Addressing to ministers, employees and leaders of Government of Lithuania on what is the mindset of change.

PMI Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania October 2019

First time on stage with a crutch (after an accident and broken ankle), delivering a powerful talk on how to make your bespoke Plan B to prepare yourself from Adversity. Spoke about the 3 key elements that will help us make a plan B.

University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands September 2019

Spreading the message to the new students at UvA, how they can already prepare themselves for Plan B and what mindset they should have. Addressed the students on what skills they should develop and what trend they should watch out for so that they learn to future proof themselves.

PMI Congress Netherlands
Delft, The Netherlands April 2019

Addressing project managers across the Netherlands that if the next recession is in 100 days, are you ready to survive that. Sharing ideas on how to analyze trend and upgrade skills and think out of the box when making career choices.


What's your plan B : Prague 2020 at Toastmasters Residential weekend

What’s your plan B : Prague 2020 at Toastmasters Residential weekend Follow this page to find out what is next speaking event

February 21, 2020 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm in

What other's say about Plan B.

"Sabyasachi Sengupta presentation “What’s Your Plan B?” at PMI Lithuania Conference 2019 was delivered in superb fashion, shocking facts and a deep impact on the audience. Saby relates and reacts to the listeners in real-time, takes into account the most recent global events and is able to inspire hundreds. The presentation is smooth, engaging and very relevant today. Looking forward to the release of his book". Rokas Samuolis- President PMI Chapter Lithuania

“Change is inevitable and so is adversity. But we can prepare ourselves so that we don’t fail or fall during adversities. Because if you sweat more during peace time, you will bleed less during war time”.

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