Public speaking for the Team

Public speaking for the Team

Are you looking for a team building activity? Would you like to do an activity that is fun, engaging and also has learning opportunities. Then you are surely looking for a workshop in Public speaking.

A workshop in public speaking address one the biggest fears and discomfort we have. And it helps build a community where the team feels comfortable to share, speak and give each other feedback. It also helps the participants to not only overcome the fear of stage, but also learn skills like upselling, persuasion and storytelling.

And ofcourse there is humor, laughter and moments to also pull each other’s leg.

My Public speaking workshops have always been rated above 8.5 for the learning, energy and the bonding it creates within the team.

Some of my clients include ING Bank, MSG Global, UBER, University of Amsterdam, Toulouse University, Vrije University Amsterdam and CapGemini.

Let’s connect and let’s learn public speaking


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Lithuania calling this October. Really happy that I will be speaking at the PMI Congress in Lithuania on how to survive adversity. In my talk, I will share my idea on why we need a plan B and how to choose and make your Plan B.