October 17, 2015



Sabyasachi Sengupta - Public speaker and motivator

A firm believer that communication skills can never be overvalued, Saby is dedicated to share how to speak like everybody is listening. He develops and provides communication training for a variety of audiences, from corporate to non-profit and from beginners to professionals. Enhancing skill, confidence, and fun is always the objective!

Trainings offered

Story Telling Art

You have a topic you want to address, and you have an audience to address it to. Still, it can be tough to get your point come across. A clear structure is the backbone of every smooth and compelling presentation. In this workshop I give some essential tips and tricks to design the buildup of your presentation that allows you to guide your audience and convey your message effectively.

Gift Your Feedback

Giving feedback is one of the key qualities that make or break a leader. or more general: that makes or breaks progress. Provided well, feedback strengthens performance and relationships. Provided poorly, feedback hampers both the giver and receiver and is counterproductive. The art is to be honest and explicit yet appreciative and constructive. In this workshop you will learn how to verbalize your observations into feedback that will be heard, appreciated, and acted upon.

Boost and boast your connections- Networking skills

Human beings are built to connect. Whether it is at school, at work, or in social life, a good network brings support, joy, and opportunity. We all understand this need for connections, but sometimes find it difficult to build new ones. How do you initiate interaction? How do you convey your value to others? And how to maintain these valuable ties? In this workshop I will lay out a few time-tested golden rules of building a network and how to apply them properly.

Craft a Corporate story

Inevitably there will be a time in your working life you are asked to present your ideas or progress. You may look forward to this opportunity to share, or you may nervously dread it. Often we feel strong on the content itself, but far less so on delivering that content. In this tailor-made workshop, I will hand you the tools to structure your thoughts and map your content into a meaningful presentation.

Pitch and sell your idea

So you have a brilliant idea how to improve your product, service, or process in the workplace. Now you find yourself facing this truism: 'A thought becomes an idea when it is backed by a vision. An idea becomes a dream when it is backed by a vision. A dream becomes a plan when its backed by a deadline. A plan becomes a reality when it is backed by support.'

To realize this last step you need to convince others around you to buy your idea and support you in its realization. In this workshop, I guide you on the journey from thought to plan by sharing Saby's Six Step Approach to Selling and pitching Ideas.

1st Job, 1st Impression

Your studies are nearing their end and you are ready for your first job. Many professionals reflect on their first job as being one of most demanding since it requires a radical change of life style. In this workshop, I draw on my experience to share with you what you can expect from your first job and how to start your career on a good note by creating the best impression at your 1st job and also interview.


Saby helped me to develop the storytelling competencies of the students in my class. Storytelling can be perceived as a hard to master skill. Saby managed to demystify this skill by breaking it down into logical steps and comprehensible frameworks. Through his structured approach and pleasant appearance, he engaged the students to start practicing and applying the lessons learned. His teaching and coaching has definitely increased the quality of the students’ work. I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a lecturer and coach in storytelling and public speaking.
Joep Maas
Lecturer and science-business expert at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Saby’s Master Class at Uva was equally useful and entertaining. He has a confident appearance, a well-structured message and a casual still thought-out scenario which provided us with theoretical background but also left room to exercise and present the newly acquired story-telling methods. Saby’s sense of humor, improvisation skills and interactions with the group contributed greatly to the positive atmosphere of the workshop. For me personally this class confirmed the importance and necessity of improving my presentation skills, listening to my classmate’s speeches made me aware of the common mistakes and by Saby’s feedbacks we learned how we can avoid or correct them. Most important learning points were the short methods he presented. Since then I pay more attention to the speeches of my colleagues and actually already spotted some of the methods by presentations given by senior managers at my company.
Alexandra Kecskes
Assistant Vice President- Citi Bank Netherlands

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