September 17, 2015

The Speaker

The Speaker

Sabyasachi Sengupta - Public speaking training

Saby always strives to connect, laugh, and rise with the audience. As a speaker, he developed the ability to pair delivering strong messages with using humor and stories. Saby knows to ignite a meeting with energy and creativity, and have all present enjoy and feel motivated. Saby has delivered many keynote speeches at various events and has received lots of appreciation for that.


As an inspirational speaker, Saby knows how to capture an audience’s attention with his sincerity and passion for his topic. He is energetic and entertaining with a creative approach to help convey his message. With a flair for humor and a touch of drama, Saby is sure to delight any audience.
Mia Benjamin
Research food scientist, Unilever , The Netherlands
Sabyasachi is a pure entertainer. He enjoys being on stage, and shaking off his audience’s worries to give them a laughter-filled riot through his speeches. He is confident enough to not only make the audience laugh, but turn the humour around on himself, and that’s the mark of a man who has nothing to hide. I have always enjoyed Sabyasachi’s speeches, they left me feeling warm, engaged and delighted. I recommend Sabysachi to anyone looking to thoroughly enjoy themselves as an audience.
Sangbreeta Moitra
Keynote Speaker Public Speaking Trainer Project Manager II, The Netherlands
For Sabyasachi, providing entertainment and inspiration come hand in glove. He knows how to pair wit and wisdom in his speeches, leaving the audience refreshed and revived. From seeing and hearing him speak at various events, I know one can trust Saby to rise to the occasion and deliver a message and a performance you will remember. Affable, bold, and creative, he is the kind of speaker you just want to lend your ear to. I can highly recommend Saby as a speaker to add meaning and momentum to your event with his skill and charm.
Cora Hollander
Business Consultant SNS Bank, The Netherlands
Sabyasachi is a magical speaker. His use of language and imagery never fails to draw me into his stories. With his pleasant disposition he is able to move the hearts of his listeners. I’ve known Saby as a speaker for 6 years and in all these years he continues to improve and work on his skills.
Peter Zinn
High Tech Crime Advisor, KLPD (National Crime Squad), The Netherlands

Some recent speeches

Ted X Utrecht popup - Your nickname, Your identity

A Ted talk on how your nickname can give you identity and define your life. So before the world finds a nickname for you, you should find your own nickname. Saby narrates his own childhood stories and his troubles with nicknames and the identity that comes with it. Through a heart whelming story he invites everybody to find their own nickname and identity.

Dream too Far - Toastmasters European Finals

A speech encouraging you to never quit your dreams and that you should follow your passion even if the world rejects you. An entertaining speech draped with jokes and humor while containing  a very strong message. This speech fetched Saby several awards in The Netherlands and Europe in 2014. Some of the iconic funny gestures used in this speech are still remembered and appreciated today.

One Question - Toastmasters The Netherlands Final

An award winning speech given at Toastmasters, where he is asking just a single question’ “Why not?” Successful, comical and deeply compelling, Saby asks people to think “why not” follow your heart? Why not do what you like and more importantly why not say “no” to what you dislike?

Life after Death - Speaker's Corner

A speech on how a near death experience in the Mumbai flood of 2005 changed Saby's life. In a crisis situation of saving one's life, people start trusting strangers and helping each other. The speech talks about an traumatic experience when a crisis brought humans closer to humanity.

Rejection - Rotary Club Amsterdam

One finds his or her own destiny through a series of rejections. Rejection can be extremely painful but that pain is actually making you ready for the next step. Saby speaks about his journey of finding success through a series of rejections, of not losing hope and eventually how he ended up becoming a professional speaker. In an emotionally engaging speech, he invites the members of Rotary Club to not lose hope with rejection and keep their faith alive.

Art of Receiving Feedback - Evaluation Workshop

In a powerful keynote speech, Saby emphasizes the power of the art of receiving feedback with the help of the famous Shakespearean play of King Lear. He uses the 5 R's on how feedback can be effectively received at work, within a social setting and also inside the family.

Standup Comedy - Amsterdam Comedy Night

Saby made his debut at standup comedy with Comedy Nights in Amsterdam. He spoke about how often the phrase "Don't take it personally" is used to give harsh and bitter comments. The performance was also telecast on UK television.

Professional Speakers Association - The Netherlands

When the Professional Speakers Association celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2016, they invited Saby to entertain them. Saby delivered a hilarious speech about his journey from trying to be an actor until he finally succeeded in becoming a public speaker.

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