Art of Networking at TEDx Manipal


Jan 29th 2017 I gave 1st TED talk on Art of Networking. It’s a dream come true moment for me. I am now speechless and overwhelmed with the responses and the wonderful feedback from the audiences. What an amazing event it was! In my talk I shared the secret ingredients of Networking.

1 thought on “Art of Networking at TEDx Manipal

  • I regularly attend professional events and conferences. These are excellent opportunities to meet interesting people – which is important to me both on a personal and on a professional level – but admittedly I haven’t given a lot of thought about my approach to networking. Sabyasachi’s TEDx talk is a gentle reminder to people who feel similar to me to step up their game when it comes to networking. His tips are practical and down-to-earth which undoubtedly will help putting them into practice. Thank you for the inspiration Sabi!

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