Are you a good audience member ?


Are you a good audience member?


What do a singer, speaker, performer, and an audience have in common? They can all be admired. Can you still be admired as an audience? The answer is yes. 

Let’s look back at the Oscar awards 2017. In 2016, one of the most critically acclaimed movies was the movie “Lion,” and the two actors (child actor Sunny Pawar and Dev Patel) of the movie were present at the award ceremony. During the award, when the little protagonist of the movie, Sunny Pawar was candidly interviewed by the Master of Ceremony, Dev Patel, sitting in the audience, was equally delighted. His enthusiasm and affection towards Sunny Pawar and his vibrant nature caught everyone’s eye. Twitter was flooded with comments, and Dev Patel’s selfless act of appreciation was praised by everyone.  

The question is how did Dev Patel become the most talked and tweeted person at the Oscars, especially? He neither won an award nor was he on the stage. He was just part of the audience. The answer is simple, an audience has an equally important role as a performer.

Let’s try to organize the different types of audiences we encounter. They can be classified into three major categories:

AA audience (Admires and gets Admired) – These are the people you want in your audience. They will smile and radiate energy, and they will clap loudly and proudly. They will validate your content with their smile, a subtle nod, and their twinkling eyes. The AA audience really sets the mood of an event.

AI audience (Active but Invisible) – This is perhaps the most common kind of an audience; they are active and attentive but often fail to show their enthusiasm. As a result, their presence often goes unnoticed and they are just a part of a crowd.

AD audience (Actively Dull/ Actively Disturbing) – The audience who are the least responsive, playing with their phones or laptop, having a grumpy face, and absolutely refuse to have eye contact.  

Now that we have seen the three major categories of audience, let’s focus on the AA audience. This kind of audience uplifts the mood of an event, absorbs more content than others, and are therefore more likable and most importantly, it brings the best out of a performer.

How can you become an AA audience?

The methods are pretty simple:

  • First, it starts with your sitting posture. An AA audience will always be on the edge of their seats, without crossed legs.
  • An AA audience will always have a connection with the performer. They will greet the performer with a smile that radiates energy and an eye contact that establishes trust.
  • Lastly and most importantly, applause loudly, firmly, and proudly.


An AA audience is not only a great audience but also get noticed and recognized for their energy. Later, this recognition gets transformed into likability. And then, imagine if and when this audience member is on stage; he/she is already a very liked person, half the battle is already won.

So, the next time you are at an event, remember the Oscars or any other major awards ceremony, where the camera often focuses on the audience to capture their reactions. In general at an event, workshop or gathering you may not have a camera on you  but remember everyone is watching you and your reactions. Are you an AA audience? Are you adding energy to an event or are you draining energy? Now, you have to make a choice.

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